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Karlovy Vary Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary is the most famous of Western Bohemia’s ‘spa towns’. Since its nineteenth century heyday it’s been a favoured haunt of Emperors, kings, Russian czars and Hollywood film stars. The film stars mostly in connection with the annual International Film Festival. After Prague, Karlovy Vary is probably the Czech town that is most well-known abroad, sometimes under its old German name, Karlsbad. Hot springs eternal The natural mineral water springs of Karlovy Vary were considered to have healing properties as early as the firstwritten mention of the town, in 1370. ‘The [ ... ]

10 Reasons To Spend A Holiday At A Czech Spa

Do you feel you could do with a bit of rest and relaxation? Wouldn’t you like to get fit and have the feeling that someone is pampering you? So what are you waiting for; come to a Czech spa. A centuries-long tradition, over 30 spa towns across the country, several hundred natural springs and large deposits of mineral-rich mud all come together to make the Czech Republic one of the superpowers of the world’s spa industry. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ The spas’ natural resources The main [ ... ]