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10 Best Secret Islands Around The World

Our world has a lot of beautiful islands and some of them are really magnificent and full of natural resources and minerals, but some islands are still unexplored and are secret as many people don’t know about them. The culture and life style on these islands are very unique. Here are world’s best secret islands you may ever want to visit. 1. Ulleungdo – South Korea Ulleungdo Island is an ideal place when travelling to South Korea. Though it is a simple [ ... ]

Weird, Wonderful & Amazing Beachs In The World (part2 Australia)

75 Mile Beach on Australia‘s Fraser Island is famous not just for it’s size but for the fact that it’s a motorway and an official runway as well. Sunbathers are advised to be careful of passing cars and coaches as well as the numerous planes that land every day! Of course not every spectacular photo is natural, some are most certainly unnatural such as this giant cargo ship on a beach somewhere.  Not for the faint hearted is Mission Beach, Australia with a tropical rain forest spilling out onto the [ ... ]

Must See Destinations of 2009

Why not ring in the New Year with a bang? There are nine hot destinations every traveler should visit in 2009  has put together a list of incredible specials geared towards making it easier than ever before to explore some of the finest places in the world in nothing short of a luxury setting. Must See Destinations of 2009 Pack your bags, pick up your passport, and prepare to visit some of the most exotic vacation destinations on earth. Where are they? [ ... ]