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Dear Visitors:

This is my first message to you about our new-born company Golden Darwaza Center for Hotels & Medical Services (Tours &Travels).

Founder Of Golden Darwaza

Perhaps more question that comes to your mind is the meaning of the word Darwaza and why this particular name. Darwaza in several languages such as Farsi, Hindi and also Colloquial Arabic means The Gate and I proceeded the company with this name that once the correlation with us is like going in or out to safety through the golden gate (Golden Darwaza Center) and reach all your tourism, Corporate and therapeutic requirements.

Our Slogan Delivering Destinations the most important provision of the basic objectives and functions that committed by ourselves beyond the border. And our way is the diversification and distribution of all the travel and tourism services, wherever your destination, or whatever you want.

In the end, I would like to thank you for your confidence and your support and invite you to contribute to reaching out with us and participate in our services and we think it will be a new innovation in the markets and rewarding in terms of expectations. Particularly special thanks to the partners: Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Sharif Amin Al-Awadi and Director of Public Relations Mr. Yaghoub Ghulam Sharafi, honoring their valuable advices and guidance., as well as the administrative and functional for their efforts and their diligence in establishing the foundation for the company in achieving its objectives.

Mohammad Shams Al-Din
Director-General Manager

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  1. feritsays:

    you God willing to meet to request

  2. Mohamadalisays:

    Congratulations for the efforts in building such unique company Mr. Shams I know you reach your final destiny for fulfilling your dreams by operating your own. Keep up the good work and wish you all the best and success for your new company.



  3. feritsays:

    Why do not you write me something you

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