Medical tourism in India – Chennai, Madras, plastic surgery & heart bypass

Medical tourism in India is a fast developing industry, so much so that it is expected to overtake mighty Thailand as the world’s premier medical tourism country within the next five or ten years. Facilities and staff here are absolutely top notch and some of the surgeons here are the best in the world.

Why is medical tourism in India so popular?

Mainly, it’s the cheap cost. Procedures here can cost as little as a tenth of what they would cost in people’s home countries so the added costs of airfares and accommodations and so on is easily offset. Most people find that with everything included, they still return home having spent far less than they would have if they had been operated on at home.

Medical tourists need to be sure that their insurance contracts are absolutely air tight. Travelling outside of one’s home country and having medical procedures performed can be incredibly expensive if anything should, unexpectedly, go wrong and uninsured problems can result in medical bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is very easy to acquire prescription medications in India since almost all medications are available over the counter without a prescription. In the luxury health care facilities all necessary medicines will be provided by the staff, naturally, but any medical tourist in India who wants to source their own medication needs to be mindful of a couple of potential hazards.

Firstly, the use by dates of all medications needs to be checked. A lot of prescription medicines are stockpiled in India before export to other countries in the world and unsold quantities are placed in a lot of local pharmacies. While it is not always a serious problem, there are some instances where out of date medications can make medical tourism hazardous.

Secondly, medications purchased over the counter outside of major health clinics can never be relied on as legitimate. Fakes abound and the other problem is that dosages are not necessarily what they may be marked as on the product labelling. While buying medications over the counter in India is cheap and easy, it is always best to be on the safe side and obtain them from a doctor or at a clinic.

Chennai is known as the Health Capital of India. India’s Ministry of Health has combined with the Tourism Ministry of India to take advantage of the giant leaps in demand for medical tourism in India and so this has become a major industry here and it is taken extremely seriously as a source of major government revenue.

Potential patients can rest assured that they are in the best of hands. It is true that most of the world’s leading surgeons and doctors operating in Europe, North America and elsewhere are Indian in origin and most have done their education, training and early years of medical work in India.

So, even though India is a poor country and the standards of hygiene and health care for the wider population are quite poor, the upscale health care facilities in India are state of the art. Foreigners coming in with favourable exchange rates and foreign currency will find that their money goes a very long way in India.

This means that they can book themselves into the finest facilities in Chennai, or Mumbai or Delhi if they prefer, and be in the safe and expert hands of health care professionals who really know their stuff. The added bonus is that after the procedure, they are able to recuperate in tropical comfort.

All health clinics in India are fitted out like five star resorts and patients have privacy and every imaginable level of comfort. No one travelling for medical tourism in India need to worry that they are going to have an uncomfortable or painful experience.

A huge amount of effort is spent on ensuring patient comfort and many patients even leave India raving about the high quality of the gourmet food they were served while in the clinic. But above all, it is the incredibly cheap costs of the procedures that brings people to India on medical tourism.

In some years in the not too distant future, it is expected that India will overtake Thailand as the world’s most popular medical tourism destination. Not just in Asia, but the entire world, since at present there really is no other serious competition.

In India, the most popular medical procedures for medical tourists are serious procedures such as heart bypass operations and hip replacements. It is in Thailand where cosmetic procedures lead the market.

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