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The most beautiful island in the middle east and also one of the newest tourist places in the world, almost everything is strangely different on Socotra Island, wildlife, nature, fauna and flora and the bizarre formation of the rocks formations, everything you’ll see and touch on your Socotra holiday is seldom found anywhere else. Socotra Island also has its share of beautiful beaches and magnificent untouched coral reefs enticing scuba divers and snorkel into the warm Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean waters. This makes Socotra holidays not only unique but a completely new destination to explore. For those people who are looking for something new and different in a holiday then Socotra Island is for you. From exploring the unusual features the island, hiking in the mountains to a relaxing beach holiday in the tropical sunshine.


Socotra is the largest Yemeni island, It is located east of Aden Gulf between the Latitudes 12,8-12,42 north of the equator and the longitudes 53,19-54,33east of Greenwich and. It is 380 Km a way from Ras Fartak in Mahrah Governorate , Having its own distinctive climatically, environmental, geographical and natural characteristics, it is administratively related to Aden province . It is away from Aden about 690 Kilometers.

  • The geographical location of the island is on the enter-linking point of the Arabian Peninsula, Africa and India .
  • This important marine location can make it a distinctive center for Tourism and investment attraction, due to the island’s supporting elements of attractive features that were created through the nature existing there. These are represented by its green forests that cover extensive areas of land suitable to be transformed to several Tourism scenes . Besides, certain tourist activities such as fish canning and diving places can be implemented in such a rare and naturally protected area.


Socotra stretches as a piece of land with an area of about 3650 square Km; up to a length 125 kilometer and width of 33 Km in the Indian Ocean , with an archipelago of small islands like AL-Akhawain(the two brothers) island,Darsah island,Samh island and Abdul Kori island which is the most densely populated and is always known for its affluence of Diamonds collection. It is the second largest an archipelago after socotra.

The Relief

The surface of the island varies into four kind of Relief as the follows:

  • The Mountains:

The most important of which are the mountainous range of Hajhar mountains which are located at the eastern part of the island along Arida Bay, overlooking the island of Capital Hadiboo and extending north easterly to south westerly at a distance of 25 Km of which the highest peak is Dawkam whose altitude 1630 m above sea level.

  • The Central Plateau:

It occupies most of the island area and is parted by Wadi Tatrar (Tatrat Valley) into two main parts: The eastern and The western Plateau.

  • Sea Plains:

The coastal Plains are situated in the north and south of the island and are non-existent in the east or west of the island due to the extension of drifts to the coast.

The coastal plains are divided into two parts:

  1. The northern coastal plain named Hadibo plain
  2. the southern plain which is called by the island inhabitants as (Nawjad) .

  • The Wadis (valleys):

The plains are interspersed by many vallies . Some of which pour at the northern part of the island and some of which pouer at its southern part and the most important of which is azroo Valley which intersects the island from north to south in addition to the valleys springing out from the Hajhar Mountainous Rang which are characterized for their running water all along the year.

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