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Iranian New year (Nowruz)

Nowruz is the Iranian New Year which starts on March 21st the first day of spring and the beginning of  Iranian Calendar and celebrated by Iranian.This celebration continues for more than two weeks, from the last Wednesday of the year until the thirteenth day after the New Year.Iranian people have “7sin table” at this time. The word “Nowruz” is a compound of two Persian words, “now” which has the same etymology as the English word “new” and means new, and the word “ruz” [ ... ]

Medical care services in IRAN:

Medical care services in IRAN: Medical services, health care services are on 2 different ways: First Beauty for those who conduct such actions: Nose face and jaw abdomen etc And other those specific diseases: LASIK eye cardiovascular actions Chaka full body and digestive diseases Muscular Atrophy etc.   Each of which depends on the patient’s request in time to visit is desired is determined. Necessary to say that healthcare costs related to treatment and during the examination is determined It is to say other services such as male and female leader Fluent in Farsi [ ... ]