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Weekly Cruises Offers

Extraordinary ships where an expertly trained European staff will cater to your every whim. You’ll savor the finest cuisine at sea and sail to the most intriguing ports of call. You’ll revel in the most stimulating enrichment programs and marvel at the world-class entertainment. This is Oceania Cruises. Here is a video on Oceania Cruises. Departure Date Friday,                  29 July 2011 Length of Cruise                               13 days Cruise Area                                         Europe Cruise Type                                        Cruise Only Cabin                                                     B – Stateroom [ ... ]

Malaysia – Batu Cave

Batu Caves is one of Malaysia’s most famous tourist destinations. Every year hundreds of thousands of Hindu devotees congregate here for the colourful Thaipusam festival. Batu Caves is one of Malaysia’s most famous tourist destinations especially for the colourful Thaipusam festival. This attracts up to 800,000 devotees and spectators; the highlight is seeing devotees in a trance carry kavadi , a metal frame attached to the body. Rising almost 100m above the ground, Batu Caves actually consists of three main caves and a few smaller [ ... ]

Kuwait National Day & Chines New Year Packages

Chinese New Year 2011 – The Year of the Rabbit The Rabbit Year 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951 The Chinese New Year is the most important ethnic festival for the Chinese in Kuala Lumpur, as well as the whole of Malaysia. It celebrates the first day of the lunar calendar, and lasts for 15 days. The prelude to the festival is filled with much fan-fare, shopping and events around the city. Chinese around the country will eagerly prepare their homes for the big [ ... ]

Medical tourism in India – Chennai, Madras, plastic surgery & heart bypass

Medical tourism in India is a fast developing industry, so much so that it is expected to overtake mighty Thailand as the world’s premier medical tourism country within the next five or ten years. Facilities and staff here are absolutely top notch and some of the surgeons here are the best in the world. Why is medical tourism in India so popular? Mainly, it’s the cheap cost. Procedures here can cost as little as a tenth of what they would cost [ ... ]

Bay View Hotel

The Bayview Hotel is a boutique hotel ideally located in the heart of Beirut Seaside promenade. It is just 3 minutes away from the main commercial and banking area & 7 minutes away from Beirut International Airport. Known for its personalized service, The Bayview Hotel offers you International Standards with Local Flavor. 36 Rooms & Suites, Business Center with Internet Access, 2 Panoramic Roof Top Restaurants offering a wide variety of food with 2 Bars & One man Show Evening Entertainment, 2 [ ... ]